Iran Economy

Irans  Economy

Macroeconomic Statistics


Total area: 1,648,195 sq. km, ranking in the world 18

Population: 75 million, ranking in the world 18

Population growth rate: 1.5%


Report from the International Monetary Fund:

         GDP in Iran in 2011 (with $ 68 billion increase comparing to 2010) will reach 475 billion dollars.

         Irans total exports in 2010 was about 116 billion dollars, in 2011 estimated to 137bn$ and for 2012 will increase to 140 billion dollars.

         Irans total imports about $ 100 billion in 2011 and in 2012 will reach 105 billion dollars.

         Growth rate in 2011 is about 2/5 percent and is predicted to be 3/5 percent in 2012. (derived from the report of the International Monetary Fund


Mineral Statistics:

         Iran, one of OPECs founding members, holds the worlds thirdlargest proven oil reserves and the worlds secondlargest natural gas reserves.

         Iran is OPECs secondlargest oil producer and the fourthlargest crude oil exporter in the world (Total Oil Production is about 4/2 million barrel).

         According to Oil and Gas Journal, as of January 2010, Iran has an estimated 137.6 billion barrels of proven oil reserves, or 10 percent of the worlds total reserves (the third rank in the world after Saudi Arabia and Canada).

         Iran has the second largest proved natural gas reserves and is the worlds fourth largest producer and third largest consumer of natural gas.

         Iran is one of the most important mineral producers in the world, ranked among 15 major mineral rich countries. The most important mines in Iran include: zinc (worlds largest), copper (worlds second largest), iron (worlds ninth largest),uranium (worlds tenth largest) and lead (worlds eleventh largest. Iran with about 1% of the worlds population holds more than 7% of the worlds total mineral reserves

         Steel production capacity In Iran will reach 40 million tons in 2012 and Cement production capacity is about 75 million tons.