Press Visa

Press Visa:

Press visa applies to foreign nationals who wish to travel to Iran as correspondents representing print or electronic media for news coverage of events.

Documents Required:


1.     Applicants original passport (valid for minimum next six months) and the copy of the personal details page

2.     Visa Application Form  duly completed and signed by the applicant (one copy) - please print


3.     One recent colour passport-size photograph (without glasses)

4.     Press visa form duly completed by the applicant

5.     Bank confirmation for applicable visa fee

6.     The proof of an adequate medical travel insurance coverage (including emergency medical evacuation

and repatriation of remains coverage)


The applicant is required to contact the embassy for providing some necessary documents.

   .       Opening hours for submitting and collecting documents from 2 to 3 p.m. (Monday - Friday),

telephone information from 9 to 12 (tel. 22-6175627)



Application for journalist visa


(for any persons involved in media and press activity (journalists, cameramen, producers, sound operators)


-       all the persons involved in the activity of mass-media and the representatives of mass-media intending to travel to the Islamic Republic of Iran should obligatory fill the journalist visa application form (383);


-       the above mentioned form should be computer-filled, legibly and completely, as incomplete or inappropriately-filled application form will not be considered;


-       all the persons involved in mass-media activity intending to travel to Iran only for tourist purpose or for scientific research should also obligatory fill the journalist visa application form and get a journalist visa;


-       journalists and all the persons involved in media activity traveling to the Islamic Republic of Iran for press and journalist job, after getting visa, should apply in person to the Department of Foreign Media    of the Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance in Iran for a journalist card; acting without the journalist card , in accordance with Iranian law, is considered as violation of law;


-       media representatives requesting for an interview with state authorities of the Islamic Republic of Iran should present their request before the trip so that necessary arrangements should be made;


-       for interview with the president journalists or media institutions should organize a trip only for this purpose and interview with other authorities should not be planned, otherwise the visa will not be issued;


-         it should be mentioned that journalist visa procedure takes at least 15 days.


-       applicants traveling to the Islamic Republic of Iran for press and media purposes should obligatory, after receiving the journalist card, make necessary arrangements with one of the three press agencies mentioned below:

Ivansahar Agency




Resaneh Yar Agency


Nam Avaran Agency